Who We Are

We have roots in saffron:

We are the third generation of farmers and traders in it. We are located in a land which accounts for more than 90 percent of the world production of it. Our nation has over 3,000 years experience in cultivating saffron. Saffron is our territory.

Our generation has its own endeavor:

To offer high quality products on an international scale. Our company, Nixima was born out of the long years of experience in our patriarch’s business. Now we are stepping into new realms beyond quality and price issues; responsiveness, understanding the buyer’s needs, reliable delivery, fair trade and sound ecological practices. Our core business values are Professionalism, Innovation and Social Responsibility. We have reliable distribution channels and we offer quick international delivery.

To be located at the heart:

saffron-world production-FAO

The World Bank and FAO report state that Iran accounted for approximately 95 percent of saffron global production in the 2013/2014 season. When it comes to king of spices, a Persian sign may not be seen, but it can be tasted. That is why we invite you to sample what we have to offer.

Our Plant:

Nixima-Saffron-Plant-Pano Since its beginning, the hallmark of Nixima’s founders has been their unwavering commitment to quality. By taking the utmost care in each and every step of saffron processing and packaging, Nixima has consistently delivered outstanding saffron quality for every need. Our plant is located in Mashhad, Iran, the saffron capital of the world. Our facility consists of an accredited lab, sorting and packaging line and a temperature controlled warehouse.

Our Team:


Saeed Miri CEO

Mo Qaem Regional Business Unit Manager & CSR* Project Coordinator

Mo Qaem Regional Business Unit Manager & CSR* Project Coordinator

Ali Miri Creative Director

Iman Abrishamchi Strategic Coordinator

Behzad Sadeqi Policy Advisor

Hadi Seyyedian Senior Accountant


Javad Farahzad: R&D Manager

* Corporate Social Responsibility

Where to reach us:

We have participated in several exhibitions across the world and we have plans to attend more. exhibitions



Barad Center, Mashhad, Iran

Headquarter address: Unit 121, Barad Center, Koohsangi 15, Mashhad, Iran

Plant address: Between 121 – 123 Azadi, Azadi Highway, Mashhad, Iran.

Work days: Saturday to Thursday.


Nixima is a member of Iran  Chamber of Commerce and the commercial ID is 14004065921


Nixima is a “A&V Checked Supplier” which means we have passed authentication and verification inspection by Central Business Information Limited (CBI) as a third-party verification service provider. All legal business licenses and contact persons are verified for us to become A&V Checked. CBI customers include the world’s largest C.P.A. firms, law firms, investment institutions, commercial banks, news organizations and government authorities.